How Peer-to-Peer Downloading Works

Rules of Seeding in Peer-to-Peer Downloads

Seeding in Peer-to-Peer Downloads plays a vital role not only in your download but the Peer-to-Peer Downloads community itself. It is said that if no one seeds, literally there’ll be no one sharing the file, thereby concluding that there’ll be nowhere to get the files and download them. But seeding is not a matter of seed and just seed. There are protocols or rules by which this ‘seeding’ follows.

These rules introduce a smarter calculation as to what Peer-to-Peer file download needs seeding and sort them by seeding ranks. Two of these ranks of seeding are based on desperation which prioritizes a Peer-to-Peer file download based on how needy they are. Peer-to-Peer Downloads are assigned a Seeding Rank. The Peer-to-Peer Downloads with the highest Seeding Rank will start until we don't have any more open slots. The rest will remain in a queued state, ready to be started once a seeding Peer-to-Peer Download drops in ranking, or completes in some other way. And if a Peer-to-Peer file download increases in rank and surpasses one that is already seeding, then that one will stop and the Peer-to-Peer file download which increased in rank will be the one to seed.

First rule is when two Peer-to-Peer Downloads have the same rank, then you’ll have the liberty to choose what of the two you will seed first. You may choose the one with larger seed count or the one with lower seed count.

Second is a lower seeding rank for Peer-to-Peer Downloads with no seeds and X peers. This are for those who don’t care about Peer-to-Peer Downloads that have only X peers. For example, if you feel it’s pointless to seed a Peer-to-Peer Download with only one peer waiting, then you may set ‘X’ to 2.

Lastly, pretend there’s one full copy The more peers that are downloading a Peer-to-Peer Downloads, the more theoretical traffic they are preforming, and the less they need seeds. By pretending there's a full copy for every X peers, you lower the ranking of Peer-to-Peer Downloads with a lot of peers.

With these rules, you’ll have a better outlook on what the seeding is all about and what Peer-to-Peer Downloads you may and may not seed. This will give you better judgement on what to share and what you may not share. By remembering these things, you’ll always be on the lookout for your fellow Peer-to-Peer files downloader.

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