How Peer-to-Peer Downloading Works

How Peer-to-Peer Downloading Works

One common scenario in our house is when my sister shouts or even panic as to where she will download files. She would ask me and then my father. My father told her to download Peer-to-Peer Downloads and after that, she just got hooked to Peer-to-Peer Downloads. She kept downloading and downloading movies and ‘Koreanovelas’ that our family watches whenever we would feel to. Peer-to-Peer Downloads are fast and will really make one wonder how it does that.

Unlike some other peer-to-peer downloading methods, Bit Peer-to-Peer Downloads is a protocol that offloads some of the file tracking work to a central server called a Tracker. And also, one of the goals of its founder, Braham Cohen, is to prevent leeching of download. He solved this through a principal of the system called “Tit-for-tat”. This means that in order for you to actually receive a file, you need to give them. In Peer-to-Peer Downloads, the more files you share with others in the network, the faster your downloading is, as it uses available internet bandwidth better by simultaneously downloading the files from multiple computers.

So basically, what you do first is download a Peer-to-Peer download right? When you start downloading, the Peer-to-Peer Download software communicates with a tracker to find other computers running Bit Peer-to-Peer Download and find those who already finished downloading the file or those who are still downloading but already possesses parts of the Peer-to-Peer Download.

So the connected computers that the trackers confirmed will then send parts of the files to your Peer-to-Peer Download client and in return, they may also receive parts from you or from other computers which have the file, this is called the swarm.

The tracker helps the client software to trade parts of the file inside the swarm thereby, making your computer receive different parts from different computers simultaneously. After you’ve finished downloading Peer-to-Peer Download, you may still run your client, thus still being part of the swarm, you will then send files and help other downloaders with their files. With this, you’ll have a faster download next time you do.

Peer-to-Peer Downloads differ from any other network sites that lets one download their favourite movies , games, music or anything else. It may be complicated if you observe it but one thing I’m sure it does is giving its client a sure-ball download.

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